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Certified Nutrition offers a unique approach from a sports certified, Registered Dietitian, who is also a personal trainer, and a registered Yoga instructor. Being fitness focused requires credibility in both nutrition and exercise capacities. Get your food and exercise information from the same place, and you will be more likely to succeed! Whether you are interested in weight management, sports nutrition, personal training, or other healthy lifestyles, you can count on Certified Nutrition of Omaha to give you the latest information and empower you to improve your own health.

Jill Koegel is the official sports nutrition consultant for Creighton University Athletics. If you are looking for a sports dietitian who understands your needs as an athlete, contact Jill for Meal Plans, counseling, and training strategies.

Need a plan for your Nutrition and Fitness Goals?

Get a NAME Plan! The Nutrition Assessment, Meal and Exercise (NAME) Plan gives you structure and guidance, and is written for you personally, by Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Jill Koegel. Find out more by clicking on the button below.